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Enrico Dell'Oste

Hello, my name is Enrico Dell'Oste,
I take seriously your ideas and help you realize them

I'm a computer science trainer, expert in web communication and Internet technologies, I help people use computers, mobile devices and the potential of the web to communicate and solve many practical problems.
pin_drop Udine, Pordenone - Italy.

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The latest training courses

I realize training courses and personalized study programs also at home to promote the spread of digital culture, because technology should be both accessible and inclusive, meaning available to all.

Take a look to the list of latest training courses, or contact me to request the course made especially for you to improve in all those areas where the application of information technology can lead to more opportunities and enhancement of personal and business productivity.

  • Making websites with WordPress

    Design accessible websites based on W3C Standards and usability criteria with HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery using WordPress to manage content with CMS (Content Management System) techniques, custom themes, additional plugins and widgets
  • First steps in the use of PC

    The computer's stucture and main HW/SW operating principles, acquire the primary skills to use Microsoft Windows operating system, exploring the tools to study, work, surf the Internet and send emails (to face the ECDL examination n. 2 and 7)
  • Communicate with social networks

    How to effectively use the major social networks for communication (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest), create profiles and pages, manage security and privacy settings, use publishing tools to create targeted and relevant content
  • Information management in the company

    General concepts and best practices for computer and mobile data security, use of office automation applications, cloud services, and remote collaboration tools in managing information streams and corporate communications
  • Computer basics for the warehouse

    As part of the course "Warehouse management tecniques" computer training dedicated to acquire key operating skills in the use of PC, Internet, e-mail and major productivity software (word processing, spreadsheets, presentations)
  • Excel for accounting

    As part of the course "Payroll management" training in the use of spreadsheet with Microsoft Excel, basic tools and tecniques to sort, filter, verify and analyze data, insert formulas and functions
  • Computer basics and Internet security

    Use computers and mobile devices in the web environment, adopting appropriate behaviors to protect data and reduce the risks associated with the use of Internet, e-mail, social networks, VoIP and instant messaging applications
  • Computer basics and Relax Banking

    Computer literacy for adults dedicated to account holders of the Cooperative Credit Bank of Udine with the purpose of providing principal skills to use a personal computer in Windows environment, Word and Excel, Internet, email and home banking system "Relax Banking"

Partner & collaborations

I support people and companies to understand the world of Internet computing and determine the best way to use to own advantage information technology and the potential of the web. Take a look to those who I work with and what they say about me. Since 2005 I design consulting and training services collaborating regularly with: