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I am Enrico Dell'Oste, I take your ideas seriously and help you realize them. Contact me.

I am trainer in computer science, digital security and online privacy, I help people use computers, mobile devices and the Internet to communicate, work and solve practical problems.
Udine, Pordenone - Italy.

Computer training courses

I hold training courses (including online) to promote the spread of digital skills, as I firmly believe, technology should be both accessible and inclusive, meaning available to all. I support people and companies paying attention to the role of the human factor for a conscious use of computers, mobile devices and the Internet, adopting techniques, tools and appropriate behaviors to improve digital security and online data protection.

Recent courses

  • Basic accounting techniques
  • Group course for strengthening basic computer skills
  • Using the spreadsheet
  • Design of a small business site with WordPress
  • Basic secretarial techniques


I have been using the Internet since 1993, and since 2002 I have been trainer in computer, Internet, Mobile and Responsive web design for major training agencies in the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region. I provide consulting services to improve quality and performance of websites through W3C standards compliance, cross-device compatibility, and search engine optimization. I contribute to Open Source projects with translations from computer English, because I believe that the freedom offered by the Net and the collaborative sharing of knowledge are an excellent tool for IT development and mutual growth.

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I work in the Udine and Pordenone area and I am open to consider offers of professional partnership, teaching, customized lessons and translations in the IT area. For informations, if you wish to get to know me, understand how I work and see if I am the one you are looking for, contact me, taking care to fill in all the fields: